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Welcome to Ryan's Gift of Transformation!

This year Ryan has undergone quite a personal transformation.  He has endured 36 surgeries, the most recent to lengthen the jawbone in hopes that the trach can come out in another year. The surgery forced Ryan to relearn how to eat and talk, all while trying to keep up with his fifth grade studies.

"Now that it's over," Ryan said, "everyone makes a fuss about how good I look. But it is still just the same me."
In the past two years Ryan has taken the lead on fundraising for Heifer. With the help of donations from friends, family, even strangers who heard about the little boy who wanted to donate a camel to family in need, Ryan has raised nearly $9,400 for the organization.
But it was Ryan's own struggles over the past year that encouraged him to raise the bar on his fundraising efforts. His own physical transformation prompted him to choose Heifer's Gift of Transformation as his goal for this year, which comes with a $25,000 price tag. 

"I was excited when I saw the Gift of Transformation in the gift catalog because it reminds me of the transformation that I went through this year. I want to send herds of heifers, llamas, and goats, flocks of sheep and chickens, a pen of pigs, a school of fish and a gaggle of geese to an underdeveloped area of the world and let a transformation take place as the gift is received, utilized and passed along. I want to give my own Gift of Transformation to the world," he said.
Please donate towards his goal today and join the fight against world hunger as he work towards Transforming the World!




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