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"There  but by the grace of God, go I." As we move into the 2013 November/December holiday season, I am more mindful than I've ever been about how fortunate I am. I'm well fed, healthy and warm. My child enjoys great health and has access to a steller education. My husband is HERE, treats me as an equal and is working beside me to provide for our family. Last April 2013, I had it hit home in a big way that these things that my family and I enjoy are not a norm in many places in our world.


Back in April, I had an opportunity to go to Nepal, as a Heifer Board member. I saw first hand that the fortunes I shared above, are not universal. In Nepal, mothers do the math each month to see how many days of food they'll have to feed themselves and their families. Many times the monthly numbers come up short and the family goes without, until the next month's yield. Fathers and older sons go away for years at a time to work abroad, to feed their families. Sometimes accidents happen and they don't come back. Children are often malnourished. School and education is an afterthought - especially for female children. There is despair. But Heifer brings hope!


Heifer's philosophy is built up around giving a hand up (versus a hand-out) to free-hold farmer families. They do this through a process of training, forming self-help groups and of course giving animals. In Nepal, I saw first-hand the Heifer successes. Within the villages of Heifer recipients, I saw strong, confident women, who could have been me! I saw healthy, well nourished children. I saw intact family units. I saw villages building roads and schools and on and on. Heifer's work is making a difference!


As a Heifer Board member, I take a lot of pride in Heifer's work. Since the Nepal experience though, there has been an inside voice urging me to do more. Finally, I think I've found an answer. I love to run and SO... I've decided to run for Heifer during the November/Holiday 2013 season. My race schedule this season is below. I'll update here on my progress. Please consider supporting my efforts, by encouraging me in my racing efforts AND donating to "Running for Heifer."


Francine's race schedule:

Nov 24 - Berkeley Half Marathon

Nov 28 - Piedmont 5k Turkey Trot

Dec 29 - Golden Gate Bridge Vista 10K 

In the U.S., we kick off our holiday season with Thanksgiving, which has become what my husband and I term, "the foodie holiday". What a wonderful way to start our "foodie holiday" - by contributing to Heifer's efforts to reduce and eliminate world hunger and poverty.


Help me reach my goal and contribute TODAY!




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